Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 3: A book that completely surprised you (good or bad)

That would have to be Harry Potter.


Harry Potter.

And it surprised me in a good way. A very good way.

When book four came out, I was living in London, on my way back to Canada. I caught all the hype. And I couldn't figure out what was supposed to be so great about this silly book that had been in the news for ages.

And then, well, then I was at my aunt and uncle's after I came home. I'd been to a wedding the night before and when I got up, everyone was out on a bike ride or something. I wasn't sure what to do with myself until they came home, so I picked up this silly Harry Potter book and thought I'd check out the first chapter. I didn't think I'd read much further than that.

Um. Yeah. I think I'd read the first three books by the time I went to bed the next night.

And when books seven came out in 2007, guess who went to the big launch party at VanDusen

What book(s) surprised you? Were you as surprised as I was about Harry Potter?


  1. I also was pleasantly surprised by the Harry Potter series. I never hated them (like I do another popular 'kids' seriers) but I just never bothered with them. It wasn't until I had a roommmate who had all five books (at that time), and when he went away to Australia for two weeks, I 'borrowed' and read them all. I know own a copy of the first book in German as well because it's a great way to practice :)

  2. I just couldn't believe the hype around them. I figured they were good because obviously they got a large number of kids to read, but they couldn't be that good, could they? I mean, they're kids books after all. Looking back on it, I was surprised at my attitude...because I love children's literature and some of my absolute favourite books fall into that genre!

    They're my "jump start" books...when I realize I haven't had time/made time to read for a while and sort of don't feel like doing it, I pull out Harry Potter. Almost guaranteed that before the first book is over, I'm reading at least two other books simultaneously!

  3. PS would the other series you're referring to have four parts, four annoying movies and it appeared not long after Harry Potter? Written by someone with the initials SM?

    I haven't actually read it and I don't have a great burning desire to...have you read them?

  4. Just saw this comment now :) I read almost two chapters of the first book and it was enough for me to know that Bella was going to make me angry before the book was done. I promptly returned the book to my friend so I wouldn't be returning it with pages taped back together and an "I'm sorry" note inside.