Monday, November 19, 2012

The Chaperone

the chaperone

For some reason Laura Moriarty's name seemed so familiar to me, but it wasn't until after I'd finished The Chaperone that I realized it was because I'd read The Center of Everything a long time ago...

I started out enjoying The Chaperone. Cora Carlisle, a house wife from Wichita, Kansas, accompanies Louise Brooks to New York City so that Louise can audition with a dance company. I didn't realize until after I'd read the book that it was based on the real Louise Brooks. The story of Cora (based on Alice Mills) is Laura Moriarty's creation and it's quite interesting.

The tension between Cora and her husband was obvious from the first time she describes them together, but the source of the tension was definitely not what I expected it to. Cora's life story has so many twists and the twist that is the last part of the book really surprised me.

Louise Brooks drove me nuts and her mother made me tear my hair out, but when I read some actual accounts of Louise Brooks' life, it was a lot easier to understand.

I actually quite enjoyed the booked even if some of the twists in Cora's life seemed a bit far fetched.

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