Friday, November 30, 2012

Pay The Devil

pay the devil

Oh, Jack Higgins, you’re back. And yes, this is the same cover as yesterday’s post. Two books in one and according to the price tag on the back my mom paid $4 for the book. Great deal!

Pay the Devil is not a Sean Dillon book. It was written by Higgins under the pen name Harry Patterson in 1962 and in 1999 parts of it were rewritten and it was published under Higgins’ name. While the story is not a Dillon story, it is definitely a Higgins’ story – an American civil war vet heads to a family property in Ireland and discovers a land in upheaval. He ends being a sort of modern-day Robin Hood and then fleeing Ireland for America. It was good. It was fast – I read it in an afternoon.

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