Friday, June 29, 2012

The Preacher

the preacher

Finally! Something I liked! The Preacher picked up pretty much where The Ice Princess left off. Erica and Patrik are expecting a baby and Erica is basically on bed rest. That was the only thing that disappointed me about the book. In The Ice Princess, the book was written from Erica's perspective with a healthy dose of Patrik (although it is third person omniscient), but with Erica at home resting, Patrik and official police work are the focus in The Preacher.

Again, Läckberg does a great job of weaving story lines so that they are at once connected and separate. I appreciated that she carried on Erika and Anna's storylines and that she catches the reader every once in a while. More than once I thought I had the mystery all figured out and then she'd bring something else in and I'd question my thought pattern. It turned out, again, that I figured out who it was, but I was missing a few key pieces of information to string everything together so I bounced around a bit.

The translation on this was also quite good. There were a few little things - farmor (father's mother, paternal grandmother) gets translated as mother's father (maternal grandmother) and I got a bit confused and there is a weird thing with decades at one point, but overall the translation worked for me.

I'm on to The Stone Cutter now and when my parents were here on the weekend, they picked up The Gallows Bird/The Stranger (same book, different titles) and The Hidden Child and they have The Drowning already, so I think I know what I'll be reading this summer!

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