Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So, yesterday I was a bit worried I wouldn't make it to two books this month because I ended up not finishing The Vegetarian Myth. Today I don't think I really need to worry all that much. With more than half the month stretching before us I have finished my first book for January.

Room, by Emma Donoghue has been on my list of books to read since BEFORE it came out. Check out the trailers on her site and on the indigo Community site. There's even an interactive floor plan (you might want to wait until you've read the book to click).

I thought the voice in the book was amazing...the five year words and way of speaking were captured so well. I believed a five year old was telling the story. I couldn't put this book down...somewhere along the lines, I must have mentioned to J that there was a Jack in this book because before she went to bed she asked me if Jack was okay and if I was still reading him.

This book held me captive - it was touching and heartbreaking and funny and horribly awful, all at the very same time. They say little kids are extremely resilient and while they are often resistive to change, it is easier for them to adapt to change than it is for adults and this book showed a very resilient and adaptable little boy.

It was interesting how I didn't really know what Jack looked like until close to the end of the book. He never describes himself (but you know he has long hair because he talks about his pony tail) and it isn't until close to the end when he sees tv reports and reads a newspaper article about him and his mom that the reader gets an idea of what he may look like. To me, he was a little boy. Yes, he was living in horrible conditions, but he still saw the world from a little boy's perspective...

I would definitely recommend this book...and I'm holding on to my copy, sort of. Rebecca has asked to borrow it, but when she gives it back, I think I need to reread it...I'm certain I missed a whole lot!

PS Room + an episode of Criminal Minds just before bed = crazy, twisted dreams


  1. I just bought/downloaded this book last night I just finished the first chapter. I am really enjoying it so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Ok, I just clued in that you have another blog! - This one!! Good timing because I need a good read for Miami next week... I think this might be it if I can find it in time! Thanks :o)

  3. Fiona - you should be able to find it before you leave - it's pretty much everywhere - all over the airport too! It's worth it. But I'd take at least one more book with you because you'll get sucked in and then you'll be done in two days. :)

  4. For Miami trips it seems I only end up having reading time on the airplane - so it might be the perfect read. The rest of the time we're too busy galavanting around visiting people!

    I was hoping to avoid buying a book this trip so I wanted to find it at the library - looks like a couple branches have it in on the fast reads shelf!

  5. I'd offer to lend you mine, but Rebecca has it and she's in Victoria...