Thursday, January 10, 2013

The White Lioness


the white lioness

I made the mistake of requesting a whole whack of Henning Mankell books at the same time from the library…a mistake because of course they were all ready to be picked up within two days of each other and because I had to request them, that means three weeks to read them, that’s it, because in all likelihood there are others who have requested them after me.

Good thing I like these books!

The White Lioness is the third in the series of Kurt Wallander mysteries and it takes place in Sweden and South Africa. One thing that drives me nuts about some mysteries is the amount of coincidence. Mankell’s books have a lot of coincidences, but the reader knows they exist (even if the connection isn’t obvious) before Wallander does…and somehow that makes it more believable to me.

So, because I’m so slow and because I’ve read four other Mankell books before I read this one, I don’t have a lot to say. I did enjoy this book and I might just have to sit down and reread all of them one day, because I’m certain I missed a lot.

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