Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Drowning

the drowning

Ugh…I had a bit of trouble with this one…and most of my complaints come from a place that I liked in the previous books – I liked that Erica was involved on the periphery of the investigations that Patrik was working on, but in this one, I felt like Camilla Läckberg let Erica get too invovled.

In The Hidden Child, I didn’t feel like Erica’s involvement was intrusive – I understood why she was there because the family history she was researching and the crime that Patrik was working on (while on paternity leave) ended up being linked. But this time, I cringed a bit when she got involved. And I thought the constant references to Erica’s and Anna’s pregnancies got to be a bit much…

I had no idea where this story was going – the twists were good and the ending was surprising. I had to go back and reread a few parts once I was just done, just to get everything straight in my mind.

And the very last page made my head spin. I’m glad the next book will be out in the next few months…cliff hangers like that make me anxious!

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