Monday, July 16, 2012

The Stone Cutter

the stone cutter

More Camilla Läckberg! And then I have to take a bit of a break while I wait for my parents to finish the next books and pass them along!

I liked how the story of Erica and Patrik continues. I complained that I missed Erica's detective work in The Preacher and while this book picks up not long after the other ended (it ended with Erica about to have the baby, now the baby, Maja, is a couple of months old), I actually enjoyed the way it followed Erica as she dealt with the challenges of a new baby.

I was a bit confused in a few places as there were a few blips in the translation, but overall I liked this one too! There were a lot of twists again, but this time I thought I might know who did it almost immediately - and I was right!

I am enjoying the way Läckberg carries some of the more personal story lines through the books. I am particularly enjoying the Erica and Patrick story and am certainly gripped by (and anxious to know more about) the Anna and Lucas storyline (I've seen him referred to as Maxwell in some reviews. I don't have the copy I read anymore - does anyone know if that's just some weird translation thing or if it's his last name or if it's just a mistake?)

I waited far too long to write this because I had much more to say about it when I first finished it...

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