Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday Mourning

monday mourning

This was an unintentional reread…I have read a bunch of Kathy Reichs and I was in the mood to read some more. I picked this up at the library and as I didn’t recognize the summary, I figured I hadn’t read it…I didn’t really remember the case – it was more the little, non-case related details, like Ryan’s daughter and her friend Anne’s problems, that kept twigging my memory. And then, by the end, I remembered what was happening, but it took a while! The book was first published in 2004 and there’s a good chance I read it close to when it was released – I’m pretty sure I read the book that comes after this one, Cross Bones, when I was recovering from my back injury.

Even though it was a reread, I enjoyed it…mostly because I couldn’t remember the details! I like Kathy Reichs books – the formula is a bit predictable although not so predictable that you know what’s going to happen in the first few chapters, but the stories are interesting and there are always some good twists! I’m not sure I would have enjoyed the reread if I had a better memory of this particular story though…

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